fascinating detail in the Oath Keepers indictment -- their idea of opsec was to email each other photos of handwritten notes done in *cursive* to prevent machines from scanning the text.

shocked this didn't work. utterly flabbergasted those notes are transcribed in the indictment.

@cicatriz_jdr millennials are programmers -> millennials can't read cursive -> no program created by millennials can read cursive. checkmate liberals!!!



that was honestly kinda my first thought. also, not very inclusive of them! as a millennial myself, if i'm putting feelers out for a violent right wing militia then they better have a good approach to diversity.

@cicatriz_jdr @drybonesofficial they were also hampered by the number of operations vehicles they lost due to trusting the "anti-millennial theft device" (manual transmission) and leaving the keys in the ignition

@drybonesofficial @cicatriz_jdr DIVERSITY WIN: this fascist paramilitary includes alt text for screen-reader users!

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