fascinating detail in the Oath Keepers indictment -- their idea of opsec was to email each other photos of handwritten notes done in *cursive* to prevent machines from scanning the text.

shocked this didn't work. utterly flabbergasted those notes are transcribed in the indictment.

@cicatriz_jdr millennials are programmers -> millennials can't read cursive -> no program created by millennials can read cursive. checkmate liberals!!!


that was honestly kinda my first thought. also, not very inclusive of them! as a millennial myself, if i'm putting feelers out for a violent right wing militia then they better have a good approach to diversity.

@cicatriz_jdr @drybonesofficial they were also hampered by the number of operations vehicles they lost due to trusting the "anti-millennial theft device" (manual transmission) and leaving the keys in the ignition

@drybonesofficial @cicatriz_jdr DIVERSITY WIN: this fascist paramilitary includes alt text for screen-reader users!

@cicatriz_jdr I'd say "don't let these people know about GPG" but honestly I think their eyes would glaze over at the concept. "B-b-but folks these days are being taught to type instead of write cursive, so they'll never read or understand the Constitution!!!!"

@PhoebeWallerPalladino the opsec equivilent of putting up a big sign that says "NOT AN AMMO DUMP"

@cicatriz_jdr I'm not gonna pretend I'm smart enough to have known this wouldn't work lol

@tsturm @cicatriz_jdr It seems like they were trying to defend themselves from some imagined mass email scanning system and instead got nabbed by plain ol' policework.

@freakazoid @tsturm @cicatriz_jdr This is our only hope for the future. Radicals get so paranoid about very specific kinds of detection that they miss other, potentially more basic ones.

(Not really serious, but your observation does make me happy.)

@groovestomp @tsturm @cicatriz_jdr I guess this is one benefit of paranoid conspiracy theories. Like the folks who won't use Tor because it receives funding from the US government, or won't use Signal because they think Moxie is a corporate tool or whatever.

Personally I do follow a similar approach, which is just to try to avoid dragnets, but then again I'm not engaging in anything more illegal than the average person.

@esvrld @groovestomp @tsturm @cicatriz_jdr I just moved from a state where it's legal to a state where it's not, so my official answer is no.

@cicatriz_jdr Where did you read/hear this? I can't find it in a web search.


as i said, it's in the indictment. i am a pervert that reads pleadings myself because i (reasonably) don't trust reporters to understand them.

@cicatriz_jdr Thanks! Found a copy of the indictment at though I probably could have found it at a more official location if I knew how to find such things.

@cicatriz_jdr I guess I could have searched for "US v Rhodes" if I'd realized that was the name of the case.

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