someone wrote an article about gradually tracking down the man in the Worst Guy You Know Just Made A Great Point joke from the Onion.

and when they finally located him he was frustratingly uninterested in his viral fame. he was like "I don't speak English and this doesn't really have any bearing on my life." and then blocked the writer from messaging him again.

perfect ending tbh.

@cicatriz_jdr i read that, and it turns out that guy is far from the worst guy


he is merely a dude untroubled by how much he rocks.

@cicatriz_jdr didn't they reach out to his friend first, and his friend was the same way? i want to hang out with this crew


this is one billion percent unrelated, but healyn did you see these concept images for a Hyundai electric sedan?

if not, please make sure to view all images.

@cicatriz_jdr i absolutely did. love it. make the fucking thing

@cicatriz_jdr i saw some people criticizing the new features. let's not romanticize old knobs and shit. and make the interior look that way without the smell of marlboro reds and old man taint



i find the balance of modernity and retro in the interior to be pretty skillfully balanced.

but that rendering of a panel behind the steering wheel with like a 3d grid of the road is profoundly dumb. let's make this attainable and not silly.

@cicatriz_jdr agreed. just make it a normal modern dash and i'm in

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