a coworker told me yesterday that one of his favorite podcasts has a specific feed for paid subscribers that adds the advertisement reads BACK into each episode, because people love them so much.

and i said that i rarely ever use this term, and even now i use it with great circumspection, but that's the most unbelievably cucked thing i've heard all year.

@cicatriz_jdr These are literally the exact same people that have their Plex server set up to download movie trailers to play before all their movies.


this same coworker specifically watches Simpsons episodes from the 90s that have been ripped from VHS with all the commercials intact, so he can watch those commercials to.

i love him but is he a type of guy?

@cicatriz_jdr @radicalrobit I confess that my favorite way to watch Comedy Central era episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is VHS rips with commercials intact, but I’m the first to admit that it makes me a big pervert


yeah, Hollywood Handbook.

he says the ad reads are VERY funny. and I guess i'm inclined to believe him -- but also i would probably be happier having those extra four or five minutes in my day.

@cicatriz_jdr I knew it! It’s the only one I’ve heard people say this about. I personally can’t stand the ad reads but they’re not four or five minutes, they’re regularly way longer!

@cicatriz_jdr I actually do like the show but putting the ads on a pedestal is funny to me.

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