i have like a maximum amount of good will for the band Mastodon but at this point you could feed an AI their albums and ask it to spit it out material 100% indistinguishable from everything they're doing now.

but also i look at this and think "awww, they really are best friemnds!"

@cicatriz_jdr I don't think I've listened since The Hunter and now you have me scared to check back in lol

@foggy @cicatriz_jdr Jaguar God is a good song. Nothing else stands out to me past the Hunter.

@Gargron @foggy

they made a decision, either deliberately or subconsciously, to become an updated Iron Maiden for the gen-x & millennial set. and i guess it's working for them?

@cicatriz_jdr I hate how right this is because I still have memories of them being the first band I went to a concert of (not with parents or at a festival), but they do have kind of a penchant for making the same album... it's not even like it's a bad album... but it's not their best album.


i made this remark elsewhere, so excuse the redundancy, but i really do feel like they carved out a niche for being a younger generation's Iron Maiden.

just reliably cranking out the same thing every couple of years and staying at the same equilibrium of respect and appreciation from their fans.

it's fine. it is what it is.

@cicatriz_jdr they'll never make Crack the Skye again and that's fine. We love them. They're family. I would gladly take them to Olive Garden. Probably even somewhere better.

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