Darkest Dungeon mechanics remain the most useful schema for my own mental health.

like this morning i read a custody case file that instantly put me into a stress check, i failed, and now i'm going to spend the rest of the day cursing at people and stealing things until i can go home and whip myself.

@cicatriz_jdr I am right here with you pal. My bosses for some reason granted an ATC vacation IN THE MIDDLE OF FOOTBALL SEASON and today someone is sick and now we're scrambling to cover so I went from covering a JV football game to covering that for a different school AND a soccer game.

I wanna die. And also win the lottery just so I can get a damn day off where Im not required to do something.


curse with me jen. curse at the world and coworkers.

hell damn ass! butts! italy!

@cicatriz_jdr I like the idea that as you scroll through Mastodon it makes that stress meter sound occasionally

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