shoutout to McDonalds for doing that shit where they advertise something as the Travis Scott or the BTS meal, and it's just a fuckin
limp burger or chicken nuggets with a Sprite.

it's like a funnier commentary on celebrity branding than a thousand Banksies at a thousand typewriters could come up with.

@cicatriz_jdr you leave them alone long enough and they'll self-parody better than anyone else could joke about them

@cicatriz_jdr banksy of that guy throwing the flowers but he's throwing a framed BTS meal bag

@cicatriz_jdr dunkin donuts has been doing this too with tiktokers lol


awww I expect better from Dunkin... I can't really articulate why, but I do for some reason.

@cicatriz_jdr yeah the real popular one is called The Charli after like the most famous tiktok teen. its a cold brew with 3 pumps of caramel lol

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