conflating actual material politics with sensational entertainment is how the political right elected a game show host for president and fell prey to cultish Qanon shit that all reads like an extra stupid Tom Clancy story. i'm glad the political left would never merge their worst entertainment cravings with their ideology in a gross sloppy mess.

now then, to accomplish what i've procrastinated on for two years and finally google "breadtube" to figure out what that's all about.

uh.. uhoh.

@cicatriz_jdr *eyes narrowing* so that's like... yeast appreciation right?


with my most stoic of faces and sincere eyes, i will give this a single affirmative nod and we shan't speak of it again.

@phillyis @cicatriz_jdr yeah it's called that bc all the bread tubers have yeast infections

@Blakely @phillyis

ah shit ah fuck here come a dozen videos about your problematic retort. 😩

@cicatriz_jdr the only way to win is to not play the game. I will choose to lol at any breadtuber that trips entirely over they own dick though

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