cops and murder 

a retired cop and retired corrections officer approached a 33 year-old drunk guy hollering on a Brooklyn street corner. for unknown reasons, the retired corrections officer drew a gun and accidentally shot his buddy the retired cop, killing him and grazing the 33 year old.

naturally the 33 year old man is now being charged with manslaughter & negligent homicide. so it's important the press list out crimes he was charged with in the past to justify this.

cops and murder 

@cicatriz_jdr love too be charged with a crime I didnt commit bc two old geezers didnt mind their own fucking business and one decided he needed to teach a whippersnapper some respect.

This guy got SHOT. By a regular degular citizen. I hope he countersues and wins.

cops and murder 


this really is bananas and i'm curious if the charges get rightfully dropped after the story bounces around in the media ecosystem for a couple days.

like regular active cops get extended that divine grace of how even off-duty they can assert they were acting as a police officer. but this was a retired corrections asshole! so yeah, like you say. homeboy should sue and get a slice of that pension.

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