🌴 Summer Vacation Monsters

Over the next few weeks my goal is to practice some line work by depicting monsters on their summer break in a straightforward coloring book style.

❗ if you take the time to color any of the monsters here or that show up later in the thread, i will print them up (using the work printer) to proudly display on my or someone's fridge.

❗ feel free to suggest monsters you'd wanna see maxin' and relaxin'.

monster summer vacation rages on. provided one's definition for "rages" has room for leisurely screwing around on the beach.

πŸ–οΈ 🐚 🌊

thk u to @georgespolitzer and @kate for the Stolas and harpy suggestions.

monster summer vacation continued unabated! this vignette of a chupacabra serves to remind us (and monsters) (mostly monsters) that one of the great pleasures of traveling is sampling new cuisine.

🐟 β™‘ 🐐

thk u @ldopa for the suggestion!


getting zero work done today and just dicking around with coloring. what level of regression are YOU on?

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