@cicatriz_jdr my gf read out this entire thing to me and I'm still recovering from psychic shock


"glad" is an exceptionally strong word. I dunno that I can commit to it at this time.

let's just say "aware." I am aware of the onlines.

@cicatriz_jdr holy shit

i saw this post hours ago and assumed girlfriend.finance was just some lesbian being cutesy and making silly domains, as we often do hashtag on here???

having actually clicked through to the site, uh. it is not that

jesus fuck


they seem like canny businesspeople. perhaps for like ten bucks we could use the subdomain social.girlfriend.finance for an instance.

@cicatriz_jdr we probably could

nobody on here would want to be associated with relationship blockchain bullshit tho

@a_lizard @cicatriz_jdr twitch and the oscars skip the nft relationship status sale part for some reason

good for them

@00dani @cicatriz_jdr i like how 3 stock photos of white dudes are used as examples of who'd buy the nft of some egirl

@a_lizard @cicatriz_jdr it's so fucking weird to me that women apparently worked on this

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