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me, standing alone at a press conference podium and issuing a somber address into a dozen microphones like

"please understand, these posts DO reflect my character, and they show the content of my heart. this IS who i am. and if you can accept that, know that i have zero intention of being better in the future because i'm perfectly fine already. thank you."

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commenting without faving is a flagrant act of aggression and each time it happens i imagine a council of lab coat'd nerds moving the Doomsday Clock's hand one minute closer to midnight.

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Me solving: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

Me coagulaing: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

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a rat lives under Dave Navarro's fedora and pulls on his hair to make him do the guitar solos good.

[Steve Miller Band voice] some people call me Morbius

getting back to texts i've been ignoring for the past two hours like "sorry, it was sweaty gaming hours."

people better picture me toweling off.

walking in,

rummaging around in the lost & found until i locate a faded beach towel featuring the ill-conceived 1996 Atlanta Olympics mascot Izzy, best known for being mercilessly ridiculed over looking like a doofy blue spermatozoa,

furrowing my brow and walking right the fuck back out.

i cannot put into words how happy i was to see my kid playing with her friend in person last weekend. she was so fucking happy

app icons randomly changing color or design with an update is the digital equivalent of coming home to find someone has rearranged the furniture without telling you

I’m concerned that a digital man named Michael Data has all my files and information. I don’t like it

as a teenager i used to tape broadcasts of Hearts of Space off the radio each Sunday night. it's how i initially got introduced to the lesser celebrated work of Vangelis outside of his theatrical score compositions, which are indelibly etched on the cultural landscape.

over the years i've come to find that a profound earnestness in his albums has calmly, prudently elevated them out of reach of diminishing labels like "dated" or "cheesy."

his work was exceptional, and I'm sad to see him go.


pretending that emo bands are not coming back for my personal sanity

the emo bands are hiding in your closet, watching you sleep, and writing weird songs about it

live in fear

please don't joke about vaporwave, dozens of people died in the great vicks vaporub spill of 1919

@cicatriz_jdr look when the horseto guys say they're "doing it for the bit" they mean something else entirely

I just learned that "Normcore" was apparently a fashion aesthetic. I'm so mad!! What the fuck!!!

can anyone out there in mathstodon give me the odds that maybe tomorrow is somehow friday?

please boost for visibility.

also, i'm muting this thread and not reading replies because i am not interested in the inevitable neighsayers. y'know. from horsetodon.

I will say that Jordan Peterson announcing he’s taking a twitter hiatus and then tweeting 30 times in 20 minutes is extremely relatable

the saturation on this is a little dull from my screen settings being off ;w; here’s a brighter version!!!!

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