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i'm an art account now for some reason. a tender doodle-boy.

nobody can start shit with me. it's real "you wouldn't hit a man with glasses" stuff. common sense.

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Me solving: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!!

Me coagulaing: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

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a rat lives under Dave Navarro's fedora and pulls on his hair to make him do the guitar solos good.

hard at work at the history queerwash, where we queerwash history by claiming being trans wasn't invented by tumblr in 2018

going to pitch my new film idea to hollywood which is lord of the rings but they have bitcoin

⚠️ Your car has run out of honking fluid! ⚠️

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never thought i'd die fighting side by side with neil gaiman

me when someone points out that kids see 90’s music as oldies

if monads started a band and i got to sing in it i would levitate into the air and start spinning out of joy

@cicatriz_jdr they never stopped. hot topic sublime t shirts get passed around like the tape from the ring

going into work and bending over to get something out of a file cabinet, revealing that I now have that godawful Sublime logo at the base of my back.

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i think ill piss off everybody by saying shit like “sublime is better than the beatles”

@cicatriz_jdr all im saying is i’ve enjoyed sublime songs. cant say i’ve ever liked a beatle.

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