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i offer myself for the ongoing testing of the hypothesis that “more money = more problems”

the warriors is about some twinks just tryna to get home

putting empty glass bottles on my fingertips and clinking them: weeeeeeebsssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite boyyyyyyyy

i have extensively doctored and deepfaked videos of my gameplay from my fighting prime as a literal child to bolster my legacy

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my claim to fame is being mediocre on mortal kombat on the dreamcast

tying cj to the mast so that he may resist the siren call of racism which appears as an arbys to him

cj tried to follow me on twitter immediately after his racist meltdown like i wasnt openly shitting on him on the tl

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the hood has been good to me, ever since i was a lower case g

i have never cum. i am 32 and more powerful than you can imagine

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fucked up that Elon Musk is gonna be guest host on the Myasstodon town hall tonight.

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