the music hits so much harder when you’re sleepy tired

so THATS how oreo mcflurries are made

didnt work cuz tho dolls are empty vessels, funko pops come pre-packaged with a soul.

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im going to transfer my spirit to a funko pop

my dad, my size: flaco

me, my size: gordo

make it make sense, grandma

sitting in the dark and staring into the middle distance waiting for my admin to activate me.

motherfuckers will call the cops on you. and the sheriff does not fucking play

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i was visiting my cousin who lives in santa clarita and there was someone that was trying to bang on me as i drove past. i wanted to pull over to tell him to stay safe in that dangerous neighborhood.

turn my neck and pop a joint in my knee

yojimbo? actually, its pronounced “yo, himbo 👋 “

we hecking built this city on rock and roll

shia labeouf voice: i got the chopper in the trunk

“The Most Violent SubCulture In Los Angeles”

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fucking even stevens asking me “where you from, foo”

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