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if the french are real where are their striped shirts and baguettes

me: “fuck the french”

literally pepe le pew: wut

get the fuck outta town. fighting to stay cis the same way that cops have to make a fortitude check if they come within twelve meters of fentanyl.

hey, i appreciate the spot while im doing bench presses bro. but do you mind taking your balls off my forehead?

bro it's not gay to suck a straight guy's dick. you're not gay are you bro

@byttyrs “let me show you how to present your body, bro”

Eem on the website full of horny psycho communists the main type of replies i get are 36 year old khaki shorts white guys saying "Wow.. I hope this is a joke"

one day i will recreate this playlist and post it here

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at this rate im gonna get flashbacks whenever i hear chris cornell’s voice

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