whodini was right, the freaks DO come out at night

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"I've never seen turkey served with icing on top"

stay fucking to the rhythm of distant police sirens

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spotify should recognize when i search for "Ka" an artist that i am following and listen to regularly. bullshit ass app

feeling bad about the young kid at work who got laughed at in his face when someone joked about him being from a "rough area"

getting frisked before logging on. "do you have any non cwd shitposts that i might see myself in?"

ppl were actively liveposting their roaming the streets looking for outside agitators on here but the shitposters are what youre mad about

pilloried for my lack of knowledge of the weird al lore

the broviet union was the ultimate dudes rock moment

booty shorts that say juicy on the ass are snapple bottoms

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americans so mad that they never murdered castro that 40 years later theyre making video games where they can pretend they did

avirl lavigne voice: whyd you have to go and make me so constipated

too much fighting games and not enough fighting cuz its not a game. drop your pin and square up 2020.

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thinking about nuking europe and framing america for it so that the rest of the world can invade and destroy the USA under the banner of a new Soviet Union

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