still thinking about knzk’s “this account is soooooo frank!” post

excited to boost all my posts tomorrow when everyone is awake i think i made some good ones

es lástima que cada vez que intento tootear en español mis seguidores me castiguen......

claro que sí puedo usar photoshop para que aparezcas mejor :) solo necesito una foto de tus pies

👦mr. zuckerberg may i please have snack?

👨🏻‍💻sure thing kid! hop in facebook vr chat. i’m sure we can whip you up something tasty by taking a digital trip to the five star kitchens of france


thinking about a post that combines “normalize” i.e. apply a normalization condition to (like the math thing) and “normalize” i.e. the social change concept but it’s too much. i can’t handle this. i only signed up for hashtag derivative posts and the occasional mixed-format dialogue chain

i like shit that existed in a pre-desecration time (things released before 1995)

(streamer voice) guys this “closeted” strat is just so weird.... like you max out your performance stats really early on but then you have to deal with the self-esteem debuff

the straight person meta is having your homosexual tendencies misattributed to the fact that you were an all-around strange child and then learning to suppress them by the time the weird-kid explanation doesn’t work anymore

a dream in which a voice speaks to you, making you feel as if you’re the chosen one destined for importance but it’s actually a result of the advertising chip arby’s installed in your brain

i’m not letting this go. i need to know the truth about the dads


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