I rarely post on somethingawful, I mostly just lurk the movie forum to get recs on new horror stuff, but if you are at all familiar with Cinema Discusso than you may have run into the absolute genius that is SuperMechagodzilla

Samuel Deats, the Netflix Castlevania director made this amazing art of Samus and I'm like :pleading_skull:

I like to think I am immune to clickbait thumbnails/titles but this shit is always funnier than anything I try to come up with on my own lol

every day i am waiting for disney to stop being cowards and make Kyle Katarn canon in the star wars universe

i hope the chess cheating thing resolves itself in the dumbest way possible like hans neimann just has some badly written notes penned onto his hand or some shit

please no, the she hulk tiktok filter can't awaken anything in me, i'm tired of having things awoken :negative:

star wars lore voice: nobody has traveled 69 parsecs since Slurp Jizzo back in the clone wars.

bar bathroom tagging is art in it's purest form, shout outs to whoever looked at the wall and visualized this masterpiece

always thought it was kind of irresponsible for Madness to just have a house in the middle of the street

me and friend took an intermission at the halfway point of RRR and just finally finished it and the queen dying between us seeing the 1st half and the 2nd half absolutely enhanced the viewing experience lmao

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