Neil deGrasse Tyson w/ a throbbing forehead vein criticizing the intro of Sonic Adventure 2 when Sonic jumps off the helicopter and uses a piece of it as a skateboard to skate down the city

periodic reminder: stop calling the cops on people

speaking of gary johnson getting booed by fellow libertarians for supporting drivers licenses

this happened just yesterday

Colophon is out there at pride saying "taste my blade" and then drawing a greatsword forged from a haunted steel which, when swung, seems to fill the air with the wailing of his fallen foes, and seems to dim the light around it, even in full daylight? What if kids see him fell the champion of their house and swear vengeance, leading them down the same path of violence?

lewd meme, kink, that one vampire lady from gamer 

when people say they're gamers this is what they mean

#OtD 6 May 1933 Nazis raided the Institute of Sex Research in Berlin. It was a pioneering org which supported gay and trans rights, and equality for women. It employed numerous trans workers and pioneered gender affirmation surgery. Its library was then burned

hello. im doing commissions now. if you'd like one you can message me on discord! morgan#1846

i'd need some character references or a good description. i'll give you an idea of how long it'll take, and give regular updates in case you wanna add or change anything

i dont do furry or nsfw stuff, and using kofi for payment for now!

boosts appreciated ❤️

it is so fucked that in 2021 you still regularly get some problem with a usb device which is resolved by plugging the usb device into a different usb port

nonbinary girl doesn't mean less girl than binary girl. in my case it's actually more. its like the ingredients on an energy drink. 400% girl. 1600% enby. 380mg gender fluid. boy is not listed as it is unregulated by the fda

Support a Black trans lesbian couple!
They need urgent help with housing, food, medical assistance, transportation and vet care
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I'm pretty sure my lifespan has been decreased by a decade from the stress of my new contract job alone. I just feel so overwhelmed and disposable.

Also, sorry I haven't been on here much.

no i won't cw this, i find great joy and personal entertainment in human shitstains dying and anyone who isn't a human shitstain should probably do the same

you should mourn your own turds when you flush them before people like rush limbaugh

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There's a specific gradient of boredom/aggravation that comes from working a call center job that I won't say is worse than other types of job, but which drives my autistic mind to the edge.

there is no right or wrong way to be a woman 🌸🐝

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