To officially let our users know, myasstodon has set the default to search engine indexing off

@OfficialAdmin @killeveryhetero @Red can we do this too, please??

*if we haven't already, of course. I did it individually, but still

@ItsJenNotGabby @OfficialAdmin @Red we can't until i muster the mental energy to reinstall the entire site -- we're many many revisions behind the latest updates because i've somehow lost the ability to update my own fuckin website

i lost the permission to make changes in ruby to the site and nothing i tried would fix it, even with eugen giving guidance

problem is with docker, so i need to ditch docker and reinstall the whole site without it

@killeveryhetero @OfficialAdmin @Red whenever you get around to it. Like I said, I did it individually, but just in case

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