:bing: monster of the week magical girl playbook

honestly just feeling really hungry for this sort of sailor moon theatrics

i just wanna play a ttrpg where i get to have a transformation of some sort and say "[thing the villain has done]? i wont forgive you!"

@bees part of me really wants to like play a sort of magical girl character in a setting thats not all Like That cause i like the idea of like a pc who's a differet genre of media than everyone else but also im well aware that could be very disruptive

@ItsMorgan oh my god Morgan you just gave me a genius idea

do you know the anime re:creators?

@bees i dont cause im not an anime freak. tell me about it

@ItsMorgan all that's important is that it's basically a reverse isekai where a bunch of characters from fiction get brought to the real world, they realize that they're just fictional and so half of them want to kill their authors for causing so much suffering in their world, and the other half are like "ok but don't do this"

the thing is each character obeys the laws of physics and magic for their world

anyways one of the characters is a magical girl

@ItsMorgan and her attacks, because they're in the real world, obey magical girl magic physics of these big magical seals with lots of pink and glow and shit

but then she ends up accidentally blowing up a whole building cuz it's real life

and like one of the characters is a mech pilot, tbh the show whips

@ItsMorgan ANYWAYS it gave me an idea to run a game in like gurps or cortex or some other universal compatibility style system where each character is just from an entirely different genre

@ItsMorgan so you could be a magical girl but someone else is from a noire style flick, we could have a superhero with someone from like berserk, one of the characters could be an isekai protagonist who gets double isekai'd

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