this guy kept making the same mistake over and over, so i kept making that same move and not punishing to try to teach him how to dodge that attack. i even told him over chat but he kept yelling at me lol

i dont think i ever got someone this bad??? it was an experience

foes: garbage 😠

me, 40 bpm: hello friend. here is how you can defeat me

foes: [something racist]

@ItsMorgan why do people play games that make them miserable like this

@swiff he kept playing the same lobby and screaming at me!! i really dont understand

@swiff for reference: i was playing warmonger and trying to teach this guy how to dodge her delayed bash attack

@ItsMorgan in my experience, the issue with dealing with conq or bp lies in trying to figure out how to attack *them* safely, rather than anything they can throw my way from neutral, but maybe im just lixo

@ItsMorgan OH warmonger, sorry, dunno why i read that and clocked conqueror.

Still, tho


@swiff warmonger is very dependent on her bash but if she whiffs you can guardbreak her for a heavy

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