this guy kept making the same mistake over and over, so i kept making that same move and not punishing to try to teach him how to dodge that attack. i even told him over chat but he kept yelling at me lol

i dont think i ever got someone this bad??? it was an experience

foes: garbage 😠

me, 40 bpm: hello friend. here is how you can defeat me

foes: [something racist]

@ItsMorgan why do people play games that make them miserable like this


@swiff he kept playing the same lobby and screaming at me!! i really dont understand

@swiff for reference: i was playing warmonger and trying to teach this guy how to dodge her delayed bash attack

@ItsMorgan in my experience, the issue with dealing with conq or bp lies in trying to figure out how to attack *them* safely, rather than anything they can throw my way from neutral, but maybe im just lixo

@ItsMorgan OH warmonger, sorry, dunno why i read that and clocked conqueror.

Still, tho

@ItsMorgan hey did the devs end up caving to baby whining and nerf griffon needlessly since i last played

@swiff i dont really know i still have some trouble against griffons. not as much as before but idk if thats because of nerfing or because im more used to his moveset

@ItsMorgan i looked it up after asking. They did.

The nerfs arent crippling and some are just flow changes but he lost the ability to delay his dodge attacks and his shove has been fucking gutted.

That shove was basically his only form of neutral pressure that was remotely safe, and now it can only come out after a dodge forward + guard break input, making it extremely telegraphed. It also costs more stamina, doesnt impact enemy stamina anymore.

That sucks, yo. Gryphon was fine.

@swiff balancing games "democratically" (that is, by listening to reddit) always goes bad specially when theres new characters. cause like a very big number of complaints come from people who feel offended at the idea that theyd have to learn to adapt to new things

@ItsMorgan im still gonna play gryphon whenever i come back to for honor tho because, like, you were THERE when i had the moment of a fighting game main Clicking for me.

Now he’ll just make people mad when i win for different reasons than before, is all

@swiff warmonger is very dependent on her bash but if she whiffs you can guardbreak her for a heavy

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