shout out to this person for somehow missing the entirety of final fantasy xiv, from the legacy story straight to shadowbringers and endwalker


[looking at the supremacist, genocidal empire that spends the entirety of the story and much of the backstory committing war crimes both realistic and fantastic, on everyone around them and also on its own subjects] they have cars so maybe they're rigbt....

@ItsMorgan extremely this but also this country has fallen apart to Civil War twice in the past like 3 years they are one of the least functioning countries on the planet “but they have trains” lmao


@FirstProgenitor [looking at the smoking crater that used to be the garlean capital] at least they make the trains run on time

@FirstProgenitor @ItsMorgan eorzea also has teleportation networks, but you know, car mean empire correct

@FirstProgenitor @ItsMorgan correct. that's a big part of why they developed magitek in the first place!

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet @FirstProgenitor @ItsMorgan based on what I've seen around the gold saucer has sold cars to like 80% of eorzeans anyway

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