-nice voice
-shorter than me
-letter M
-basically Italian

@ItsMorgan @witchfynder_finder oh right sorry, I forgot the one key difference between you is that I at least have a small amount of respect for Mika

@bees @witchfynder_finder being respected by a stinky french yankee sounds like an insult to me personally

@ItsMorgan @witchfynder_finder "french yankee" lmao for someone who's basically just a saberface you think you'd know a little bit more about history

@bees @ItsMorgan Look if you two are gonna hash this out in MY menchies, I'm gonna interject when you use bullshit fake terms I've never heard before =P

@witchfynder_finder @bees julles thinks that using anime words makes their case against me stronger, rather than revealing them to be like a sad little weeb monkey punching a keyboard and forming words by sheer luck

@ItsMorgan @bees Okay that was a really good dig but it didn't actually answer my question!!

@ItsMorgan @witchfynder_finder I've never actually seen a single episode of fate, I just unfortunately hang around with gundam-huffing weebs like you who also know what I mean

@bees @witchfynder_finder tough words for someone called sussus amogus with a homestuck avatar

@ItsMorgan @witchfynder_finder listen I put femboy astolfo to shame I am neither pathetic nor little, and I may be a clown but at least I'm funny

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