new type of guy, he pilots a mech suit similar to mine. we counter each other perfectly. i incapacitate his suit as he pierces my generator, the explosion turning our mechanised chassis to space debris seconds after we eject. we have to work together to survive and signal a nearby civilian ship to pick us up, with only minutes of oxygen left. we're safe. we kiss passionately

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@ItsMorgan this is the Craigslist missed connections content I come to this site for

@ItsMorgan i am afraid a space colony was dropped on him for unrelated reasons

Silly reply 

@ItsMorgan i prefer the scry-ed flavor of this where their summoned will mechsuits break down as they beat each down and collapse into each others arms as they go for the final blow

@ItsMorgan this is literally the plot of an unwritten gundam show

@andi as long as the horny stuff can take a backseat to mech action and homoerotic subtext, im all for it

@ItsMorgan You can't spell "homoerotic subtext" without M-E-C-H-A!!

@ItsMorgan Fuck wait there's no "A" in "homoerotic subtext" goddammit

@monorail @ItsMorgan It also dawns on me that I could just have said "M-E-C-H" instead but whatever UWUUU!

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