hello. im doing commissions now. if you'd like one you can message me on discord! morgan#1846

i'd need some character references or a good description. i'll give you an idea of how long it'll take, and give regular updates in case you wanna add or change anything

i dont do furry or nsfw stuff, and using kofi for payment for now!

boosts appreciated ❤️

additionally: i also do these paper mario style characters. all drawn from scratch, doesnt actually have to be mario related, psd file and all included, for $18

i need like 60 more yank dollarydoos to get my phone fixed haha

hello anyone wanna give me commission money so i can get more fighting games

@ItsMorgan What do you think of helping me design a mech-pilot sona? Like, I get reference and you put something together?

@ItsMorgan I put some starting material together and DM you on Discord?

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