one of my most memorable "gender roles are nonsense" moments was when i was a kid and my classmates were arguing over which way of checking your nails was gay

there was no consensus. if you wanna picture the scene, imagine about 9 middle school boys checking their nails in different ways, loudly arguing about which of them is gayer, while lil morgan was sitting in a corner gayly drinking their apple juice

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at this point i was already thinking "liking boys and or girls isn't a big deal", but bottled it up because of the whole catholic school thing

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@ItsMorgan when i was a kid my mother wanted to show me that men and women apparently check their nails in different ways so i trained myself to check my nails in the "male" way bc i felt like she'd think i was weird if i checked them in the "female" way (she oddly bragged about how she checks hers in the "male" way)

@ItsMorgan i def remember there being something like that when I was young but it never turned into an argument. One of my classmates asked me to check my nails and said "this way means you like girls and this way means you like boys"

I don't remember what was supposed to be what

@violet @ItsMorgan the one i always heard was that girls look palm-away, fingers spread; boys curl them in and look at their palms

@hierarchon @violet thats the argument my classmates started because of me lmao

@ItsMorgan I just tried it and whichever way I do it I'm still gay

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