"we cannot feed our current population" somehow coexists with the fact that we have enough food to feed 3 billion more people than there are. and somehow people's solution to this is always eugenics instead of tackling the actual problem that is global capitalism

"people are too poor to afford food. i think the solution to this is having less people"

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*extremely racist voice* overpopulation is a problem. low white birth rates are also a problem. we produce food for 10 billion people and have a population of 7 billion, but its not enough for everyone. i think that ~some people~ in ~some countries~ should like stop being born or whatever. but not in a racist way

people who believe in overpopulation always want *other* people to go, never them. sometimes they say otherwise, but it never goes beyond empty words

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"for the greater good" starts with yourself, marvel grimace wannabe

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the problem is always the scary foreigners who breed too much, never food deserts created by capitalism or, uh, the fact that people are forced to pay for their basic needs

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@ItsMorgan *Fuckwit McGee looks out at the landfill full of food waste, at - say - the piles of produce that are just trashed because they don't look nice enough to be sold in stores due to capitalism's idea of food as marketable product* "this is definitely because there are too many people and we don't have enough food to feed them"

@wigglytuffitout @ItsMorgan supermarkets throw away carrots that are the 'wrong shape' yet we don't have enough food to feed people somehow

@ItsMorgan I think the both of us are more than well aware of the fact they literally don't care. you can gotcha them with these very very well established facts , but they're not going to care. they're looking for a way to get people to buy into ethnic genocide, they don't *really* care about population, they care about the existence of PoC challenging their comfortable white existence by just existing

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