doing my darnedest not to call my responsible and caring mufos "dad"

@ItsMorgan almost replied to a friend with, "thanks mom" completely sincerely.

@jackdaw_ruiz daaaaaaaaad please dont embarrass me in front of my friends again

@jackdaw_ruiz @ItsMorgan Did you have a good day at school? I hope that you had a good time with you friends.

@magicalmilly @ItsMorgan

brb i'm gonna go do a twitch game stream, but instead of commentary on the game it's just gonna be the narration of a father watching their kid play.

"so. how do ya win this game? that guy looks mean, is that the 'boss' of the game? oh, that's you? well you sure look mean. hey, wrap this up in twenty minutes, i need a hand cleaning the garage."

@jackdaw_ruiz @ItsMorgan "sweetie, I don't think you should be playing this game. It seems to violent. You know I don't like that violence."

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