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im the ethereally beautiful stranger you see in the distance and cant gather the courage to talk to until you see me grab fistfuls of plain dry cereal and stuff my mouth like a gorilla

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hello. im doing commissions now. if you'd like one you can message me on discord! morgan#1846

i'd need some character references or a good description. i'll give you an idea of how long it'll take, and give regular updates in case you wanna add or change anything

i dont do furry or nsfw stuff, and using kofi for payment for now!

boosts appreciated ❤️

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hello i have alts:

@MateDrinker, private alt where im messy and whiny and all that fun stuff. its chill, lewd alt where i sin

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im better than most people. ive made peace with this

@ChaosSkeleton can skyrim really be called complete without several gigabytes of sex mods

lewd shitpost 

my bushy penis, my hedge hog if you prefer

what do we say when men tell us they're horny?

"my condolences"

dreamed i was with the lancer crew playing this rpg called the grimdark adventures of billy and mandy

You ever see a picture of yourself and think "oh my I exist physically"

tag yourself

honestly you people turning it into a joke is lowkey offensive to us who are actually submissive and breedable :/

new stream where cheese and i play steam porn games and discuss them like two scholars

all the porn games on steam are all visual novels or grid puzzles when they could be imaginative and end when you've scaled up the economy of jacking to the maximum extent possible

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