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there are 4 genders:

-winged victory

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7% candles, 7% scars, 7% chains, 77% reasons to remember The Name

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"a baker's dozen" is different from a regular dozen because bakers know the secret numbers

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bienaventurados mis seguidores, pues ellos caminan en la luz del señor

id love to convince the my political enemies that voting is counterproductive tbh

everything i do is like rock lee removing his weights



noo dont base your self worth on online validation from strangers youre so sexy ahaha

wholesome domme 

i hate to bring it up but it's been such a terrible burden keeping this a secret, i feel like you all deserve to know me and the truth about me so here it is, I'm laying or all my cards, get it if my chest, clear my spirit, the truth is I'm lomve my boyfrirnd


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