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there are 4 genders:

-winged victory

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7% candles, 7% scars, 7% chains, 77% reasons to remember The Name

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"a baker's dozen" is different from a regular dozen because bakers know the secret numbers

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bienaventurados mis seguidores, pues ellos caminan en la luz del señor

very bold of you to put yourself out there as a 'pet lover'

i remember when everyone was mad about darth vader says "don't choke on your aspirations" in rogue one

come the fuck on. anakin is a dweeb. he's always been a dweeb. now he's a dweeb that's dad age. it made perfect sense, it's like the one part of the movie i have zero issue with

is naked with a hat on still naked

for me, posters occupy the same mental category as mercenaries. we are all in our eyries waiting to be contacted for one last job, rough and tumble, clad in leather, doomed to fail

silence of the cams (a group of campbells reading in the library)

getting the glowsticks out & havin a groovy lil boogie to ragnar the red

readin thru the devs' goals for dwarf fortress and one of them is just dragon vore

kissanime offshoot called fuckanime that just hosts hentai

minor injury, gross? 

minor injury, gross? 

you shoot me down
but i wont fall
i am the mountain titan ozom, a great humanoid composed of titanium. beware its fiery breath!

me, seeing you about to do something bad: maybe try not doing that instead

would u rather

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