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there are 4 genders:

-winged victory

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7% candles, 7% scars, 7% chains, 77% reasons to remember The Name

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"a baker's dozen" is different from a regular dozen because bakers know the secret numbers

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bienaventurados mis seguidores, pues ellos caminan en la luz del señor

good morning worms (i am _cool_ with worms, this is _not_ derogatory)

I am discriminated against on the fedi verse for not having irritable bowel syndrome

baby i’m amazed at the way you’re puppy all the time

playing openttd with my girlfriend because we love public transport so much

karl marx was a thirsty bitch thats my headcanon

Me, the man who lies down the cones in the night, maniacally: "I decide how wide the street is! Hahahaha!"

Local Florida man begins paying attention, realizes that the government may not have his interests at heart


“Apparently, when observing current children, we compare our biased memory of the past to a more objective assessment of the present, and a natural decline seems to appear. This can explain why the kids these days effect has been happening for millennia.“

watching a simpsons episode that has milhouse in it and going "ahhh, thats my online friend snake boy"

Batman: "You are the CatWomen."
CatWomen: "Yup."
Batman: "Do not steal any cats."
CatWomen: "Too late, bathole." *steals every cat*
Bathole: WTF!

Batman (punching the door): "Jokker, Panguin, open this door!"
Jokker: "No"
Panguin: "Caw Caw"
Batman (shooting the door with the bat gun): "Open the door now, Riddles!"
Riddles: "Riddle this, you. What has teeth but zero tooths?"
Batman: "Shut up"
Riddles: "No"

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