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hello! im opening art commissions again. if you're interested you can message me here or on discord at morgan#1846

using kofi for payment currently:

here's the info you need, plus some examples of my art:

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im the ethereally beautiful stranger you see in the distance and cant gather the courage to talk to until you see me grab fistfuls of plain dry cereal and stuff my mouth like a gorilla

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hello i have alts:

@MateDrinker, private alt where im messy and whiny and all that fun stuff. its chill, lewd alt where i sin

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im better than most people. ive made peace with this

Jerking off in public is very much a cis man exclusive. You can only do that sort of thing if you have the utmost confidence that the cops are going to be at worst, irritated that they were called in for this.

damn the march of time onwards sucks complete ass

im gonna morb! im gonna florp! [banjo kazooie music]

i love watching giant ads that are like



[unloading a gun on my computer] may i be worthy of my reward

today was hell. tomorrow? probably hell too. but that's fine

thinking about the ffxiv quests where you have to repeatedly throw a grenade at an incel

sexual misinformation 

thrush is short for thrussy bush


how about you "double integrate" me some bitches lmao

crypto, i don't even fucking know 

hey it's a delta's deathday special have this image i forgot to post on the day itself because crypto is crashing boost this post to make it crash faster and have a blessed and cursed day dΓ©ithe daoibh

Although you are ape-less I could play the role of an ape πŸ™ˆ

i really wish glamour dressers had infinite space so i could collect literally every piece of gear

Gay earrings + gay necklace gives me a +10% armor set bonus (selfie EC)

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