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Chasing the clout like Sonic chases being topped by Eggman

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Pinned toot @flowless ok. There were. Some unexpected difficulties. I think you're gonna like this even more.

Eye contact. I mean it.

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My Ass

My ass is huge
My ass is wide
My ass is a portal
To the Dark Side

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I think imma uninstall tusky. I don't really like who I became for a pretty long time due to Masto. Reach out to me on Discord or however you want.

Love y'all.

I honestly don't find dril funny, are they supposed to be funny or am I just out of the loop? Is it some surreal 4D chess level bullshit that I don't understand?

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Yeah I don't care about clout I have a trex fuckheads

Life's hard for artificial sweeteners y'all

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Everyone normalize wearing surgical masks in public in the US real quick thansk

I saw a pencil case with the anarchist A on it and ACAB written on it (and the explanation) and I don't fucking know whose it was. It had Satan printed on it, like an official design (haha what a coincidence), but I need to find the owner. I have 1 suspect.

I probably won't be here by the time I'm 18 but if I am you better fuckin prepare yourself for completely wholesome and family friendly fucking content

Nothing more annoying than when I do something minuscule that is technically wrong and am like "it's for an important thing" and then an asshole says "ARE U SAYING THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS??" fuck off I ain't not hitler looking ass

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woo! welcome to our newest Myass users that have come in the last few days :lotcora: Excitement! 🎉


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my sinuses are pretty full today. carrying a “wide load” as they say in the trucker business, haha... um, so where did you say you went for college?

Favourite type of corn? Mine is yellow

Adding instruments to Mario's Star Theme with WiiMusic

Is that Garf "34 Posts on Sans inclusion to Smash Brothers Ultimate for the Switch" Ield?

Perú, Uruguay and Argentina have joined the Project.

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