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Chasing the clout like Sonic chases being topped by Eggman

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Pinned toot @flowless ok. There were. Some unexpected difficulties. I think you're gonna like this even more.

Eye contact. I mean it.

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My Ass

My ass is huge
My ass is wide
My ass is a portal
To the Dark Side

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Not being American online is an experience most of us go through that makes us go "there they go again" every single time.

Our cat has decided to self-isolate out of an abundance of caution

Ma'am this is Chili's you can't buy toilet paper here

Like dude you could tone it down a bit with your big dick military fantasies and actually use those hundreds of billions on, I don't know, giving the people a country worth living in?

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Do you have a bidet?

practicin drawin, uncaptioned 

this doesnt seem too bad

Currently figuring what trickery I can do with scheduled toots. See you in 2026

Dude my day was going fucking terrible but then I saw this cutie and now it's all ok

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