@Funk_E_Skunk oh here the media is a huge part of politics, and all of it is VERY much to the right. first and foremost the BBC will do whatever the government tells them to, because the government is the one that gives them money and people really do not look at that when they idealise these state owned institutions. the BBC is a state press outlet. the Rupert Murdoch, the guy who used to own Fox, owns basically all the big newspapers and Sky news here and well I think we all know what his politics is like. what non right wing media there is, which is shit like the Guardian newspaper, is establishment liberals who would be your typical Hillary loving dems, they hated Corbyn and were a huge part of slandering him over the 4 years he lead the Labour party. the media shapes a lot of the discourse here for the same reasons it does in America, it's just far far less polarised here with most of it being pro Tory

@Funk_E_Skunk 'temporary embarrassed millionaires' on the one hand, and populist sentiment on the other hand. people fucking hate Thatacher, which is why you don't campaign like Thatcher, you say "we want a country that works for working families!" and then you just pass legislation that allows door back door privatisation, while making other issues like immigration the focus.

that said, neo liberalism is very much dying here for right wing populism. the *conservative* budget this year was a record in it's public spending initiatives, and Boris campaigned largely on this populist rhetoric of helping white rural areas that really have faced systemic impoverishment for decades. in parts of the north of England, people haven't had jobs in 3 *generations* since Thatcher killed all the industry. it's easy to rally that base on issues like brexit, because they're fucking mad being told their implicit racist biases are right at the same time as being given crumbs on the table.

so no, I think we're starting to see a post neo liberal era when you look at the campaigns and the policies of the right and the left here. that's not to say we're entering some social democratic wonderland, but that protectionism, localism, anti globalism ect is all becoming the new right populist campaign in the shadow of neo liberalism to say "look, we're different than Blair or Thatcher used to be!"

its funny when people complain about myass because it looks like they are real mad at their own butt

If you use Dark Reader, there was an exploit yesterday. Might wanna check on that

@Funk_E_Skunk yeah! i graduate in may and our uni is expediting the process to get us registered as RNs asap. they need us really badly

anytime anything happens i realize i am missing 90% of the context

This is the kind of image ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ would use to justify invading some country populated entirely by Brown people, but nope... it's here, so nbd ๐Ÿคท

you ever do some reading about the guys who saw the confederacy lost the civil war so they packed up and moved to brazil to enjoy a few decades more of slave owning? fucked up


i have a real soft spot for Party All The Time because at my job we have a running joke of doing Rick James' hand gestures from the video at each other through windows in the office.

also, the song importantly raises awareness of when you can be partying. ๐Ÿ˜ค ๐Ÿ•ฐ๏ธ


i love that there's tons of people out there who see pete buttigieg as this firebrand activist who broke the rainbow ceiling like dog he was the straightest gay person i've ever seen

im too agnostic for the christians and too christian for the everyone else.... i walk a lonely road like shadow the hedgehog in my faith motorcycle

saving the USPS the old fashioned way, with a fundraiser calendar of sexy mail carriers!

13 pages of toned calves and thick thighs in blue short shorts!

to the liberals, the only real crime trump did was dodge the draft during vietnam. which is funny because that's arguably the only good thing trump ever did.

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit may be a bad movie, but as far as movie titles go it's one of the best.

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