Lockdown update: i have decided to make it my mission to destroy all white vegans.

If we are mufos and you are part of this group, i am sorry for what I must do

@Bashabez ELVIS is an anagram for LIVES
SANTA is an anagram for SATAN


@Bashabez lmao that's awful
i have to laugh because if i don't I'll cry

that's me, but i hate the peta brand honky dreadlock vegan extremists as well tbh so go for it.

@vestal damnit i'm gonna have to spare all the mufos aren't i @horrowfide

@Bashabez @vestal
i'm all for politely encouraging people to try eating less meat but calling them murderers and being a dick about it is just fucking stupid, i hate that.

@horrowfide @Bashabez @vestal yeah white and vegan here and honestly I hate all the peta wook shit. Gatekeeping doesn't get people on our side. Anyways whatever don't feel like you have to spare me I'm pretty trash

@Bashabez Noooooooooooooo. Save them for the aftermath of this pandemic. We'll need something to eat.

Food mention 

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