yo, if you're stuck inside and like documentaries; here's the film RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World. It's about the native american roll in the founding of rock and roll and how pivotal we were to rock music, as well as the erasure of our role.

@Bashabez Native people absolutely were essential to it all. Link Wray specifically and probably most importantly. I'm gonna watch the hell out of this later.

@Bashabez seriously Link though. The shit that guy was doing at the time is just incredible. Totally mind blowing. Only dude to have a fucking instrumental track banned from the radio. That whips so much ass.

@Bashabez Oh heck, I've wanted to watch this for a while! Had no idea it was on PBS. :3c

@Bashabez i guess i am going to have to VPN or torrent it :/

@kyzh oh damn, are you outside the US? Yeah, a vpn should work just fine

@Bashabez yep, in the land of fish and chips and bad teeth

@Bashabez oh hell yeah I'll definitely watch this

may I also point this one out to you, the topic is a more recent one but it's still cool as hell

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