Remember when Evo Morales was coup'd and the white libs and leftists jumped up saying "look.. i dont suport latin american coups... BUUTTT.. hes corrupt, the elections were rigged, he had to go!" because they were consuming anti-indigenous and anti-leftist propaganda from media

And then after the violent anti-indigenous fascist coup was carried out there was a series of investigations that found their was no corruption or fraud present in the voting process.

Remember that?

Remember that.

I blocked a handful of people on here back then when that shit happened and they were resharing propaganda and jumping in my replies. Wonder if those people will apologize or see the harm in sidestepping/soft supporting a coup against a left indigenous leader.

Wonder if those people or their supporters will hold themselves accountable and read the official reports issued on the investigation findings.

Or I wonder if they'll just support anti-indigenousness in the future when it occurs...?

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@Bashabez sameway STF just said Dilma commited no crime

@Bashabez people who think removing Evo was in any way justifiable are imperialist

People who think US intervention is ever *ever* justifiable are imperialist

People who think the US and Bolivia or Venezuela are even remotely comparable just because state bad are imperialist

But I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that Americans hold imperialist opinions even when they're leftists, since they greatly benefit from imperialism

@Bashabez We remember how literally within weeks of the one "preliminary report" coming out saying that something unusual happened during the elections -- the very report cited widely here in the USA as the reason that the coup was valid...

Anyway, we remember the report's own researchers coming out within weeks saying that the report they wrote up and the one that was released were two different reports and they didn't make the latter.

@Bashabez And no one in imperialist, colonialist mainstream media ever mentioned that.

@Bashabez Oh, and just to be clear, the real report said that there was nothing to suggest any form of electoral tampering took place and that as a result, the elections were legitimate.

Also that the Evangelical Christian people that convinced the military to perform that coup were funded by US interests.

Funny how that stuff never made it to mainstream media. :thonking:

@KitsuneAlicia @Bashabez i didnt hear about that, do you have a source for this? (out of curiousity, i definitely believe it)

@felix @Bashabez The stuff we had seen about it is pretty buried, so it'll take a while for us to find it again, but in the meantime, here's the Washington Post -- "Democracy Dies In Darkness" themselves -- reporting on a new MIT study that basically throws the entire OAS report out the window. (The OAS report being the one everyone reported on as if it were fact despite it giving no evidence to back up the claims.)

@felix @Bashabez And of course they're making this report in the darkness that is nearly 4 months after the coup when no one is paying attention, ensuring democracy dies as per their slogan.

@KitsuneAlicia @Bashabez yep pretty sure i already saw that reported, but not that the OAS report itself was faked, so i'm curious about that.

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