Working for Michael Bloomberg campaign, getting paid 20k higher than any other campaign in salary, going door to door telling every voter that Michael Bloomberg is evil and not to vote for him

this is a good bit, i wouldn't even be mad if one of y'all did this

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@Bashabez it says you can't mention his cloven hooves in the NDA...

@Bashabez the big downside here is that literally all of your coworkers are Michael Bloomberg supporters

@kibimon hmm, are they though? I feel like probably over half of them only care about that fat paycheck

@Bashabez maybe i am more cynical about the propensity of people for allying themselves with the folks writing them fat paychecks :P

not to diss the hustle, but the environment one finds themself in does tend to influence they way they think

and it's exhausting work keeping up your guard for that

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