@Bashabez one can hope there is some Poltergeist style blowback, but instead of ghosts opening portals in TVs, they breach the wall for refugees. "Make us proud. Be sand in their gears, little ones."

Seriously though, this is appalling.

@pootsan @Bashabez Not only is this appalling, but it's terrifying that 2005 law exists. Means they don't have to allow habeus corpus, recognize treaties, anything, as long as they claim "it conflicts with US national security interests"

Trump hoping for cheap border enforcement in the form of ghosts.

@Bashabez I just... I can't get over this, how deeply wrong this is, how much needless suffering is being caused. Racist going to racist, because they do not care beyond making sure someone else is hurting more than them.

@Bashabez @Gargron Yep. He’ll do it to others, but don’t you dis his hotels.

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