@Bashabez deport the shitheads who voted for and came up with this shit right into the sun

@Bashabez oh here's a better idea: why don't they deport white Australians who committed a crime? Like to a penal colony or something 🤔

@Bashabez @poebbel the fact that this was even a debate is insane. and 4/3! but also basically black australians are pretty much permanently 'deported' outside of white australia in other ways... the state is not the territory.

@mousebot @Bashabez

perhaps the split in the court is symptomatic of the paradoxes of the settler-colonial state in its latest, post-Mabo iteration.

@mousebot @Bashabez
going by the article, the legal acrobatics look astounding. they apply the mabo test in order to be able to say: the reason you can't be deported is that because your kin and culture were attached to this place before the crown (that tried to eliminate them/you), you owe an allegiance to the crown!

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