I am curious about how yall align, seem mostly to be some form of anarchist from what ive seen, but could be off base

Im just gonna assume the subgroup are liberals unless stated otherwise.

@Bashabez Of theaw ideologies, anarchism is the best in my opinion. Giving a ton of power to the government as in communism and generally other forms of socialisms is a bad idea.

@masterofthetiger i think before anarchism can be enacted, there needs to be a state that is enforcing things like workers owned means, direct democracy and regulations. I think as an end goal anarchism is the best idea, but to transition completely from capitalism to anarchism would be a disaster

@Bashabez But how can we remove power from the government after giving them so much? It is difficult to take power away from someone, even if they are supposed to represent the people.

@Bashabez this is kind of a non-answer but i think our future selves will recognize the best aspects of a lot of different ideologies and combine them into something new, something we wouldn't necessarily identify as just any one of those component parts

@red Well said.

@Bashabez This is why I checked random subgroup. Ideologies seem too pure and also heavy with baggage. I’d prefer some new terminology or language - but without that I float between all three of the options.

I also came to request a option for hybrids.
I sort of like anarcho-communism personally.
*(I accidentally wrote a small manifesto following, by way of explanation.... It has been removed to my own toot list for your convenience...)
@red @Bashabez

@Bashabez I voted for the closest alignment, but I deviate in a few points and also generally shy away from "communist" as a label mostly because I've never really read Marx.

@Bashabez these categories are not at all mutually exclusive

@Bashabez ✅ some random subgroup: communist anarchist. or was it anarchist communist? dunno, whatever kropotkin said.

@Bashabez I honestly don't know. Feel very politically homeless these days.

Never a communist because of communism's track record. Not an anarchist because I don't know how you in practical terms you could prevent a state from forming. Don't call myself liberal anymore because liberalism has been so ineffective at stopping fascism.

I just want the government to stop spying on us/starting wars in the middle east/murdering unarmed black people/persecuting immigrants/supporting fossil fuels.🤷‍♂️

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