Strip personhood status from corporations and give it to our rivers, lakes, mountains and forests

@Bashabez some good news: last year ohio passed a law granting person hood status to our great lake!

@wintgenstein do you know if this was this carried forth by tribal groups?

@Bashabez no it wasn t i don't think there's a local tribe in Toledo given it used to be a swamp

@Bashabez alternate idea: if corps wanna be persons then make them serve the same sentences “natural persons” serve. Did someone die on the job because of poor safety standards? That’s a manslaughter charge. 10 years!


hell, I'd just be excited to start giving people legal personhood at this rate

@Bashabez as long as there's a way to decide who makes the decisions for those persons that doesn't end up with all of us being data-mine consumer slaves of the jeff bezos' other amazon or whatever

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