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I generally dont reply to people's replies to my toots, not because I'm a dick or anything, but because I'm way too awkward to say anything back to you.


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So I guess I should make an huh.

Well I'm Antillion, I'm 20 years old from Argentina. I'm a raging leftist, shitposter and overall a human being. I enjoy technology and I constantly try and fail to be a programmer but it's cool I guess. I recently moved from after getting an invite and I'm looking forwards to posting here and having a bit of fun maybe perhaps.

So yeah I hope I can maybe make y'all laugh a bit and much love.

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Anyone who ever said “high school is the best years of your life” is now a cop with three kids and massive credit card debt

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thanos genitals discussion 

Some say thanos is like a Ken doll. Others say he is packing heat. Me I know the truth, thanos actually has a third hand down there, that's the one he used to do the snap. The fingers he "snapped" on his visible hand were a ruse cause he's shy about his dick hand

meta, politics, serious, discourse 

Please CW your Thanos discourse, it hurts my feefees a lot.

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witnessing the sixth international splitting off in light of the volcanic dissent of this thanos hog debate

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@esvrld @LuigiEsq I see how it is. You are all too astonished by my doctrine. I have too thoroughly rocked your worldview for your mind to be able to process, I have broken you on the wheel of Thanos hog truth

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Some have accused me of being a “weeb,” a “nerd,” and a “lover of furry pornography.” Well, I don’t have a lawyer, so

I will collectivize all open source software

Years of exposure to my furry friends has done unspeakable things to my mind and body.

I get very smug when I see software has a version for Linux but not MacOS

People shit on Linux users for going "I use Linux btw" but Mac users are equally as bad on that regard.

NSWF mention, weeb stuff 

Hentai's sort of "unofficial" naming conventions always crack me up. They are always named shit like "My best friend is a big titty magical witch?!?!?!?!?"

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I made this cartoon for a local fanzine! I hope "u" like it! Don't get spooked~

As always, there's an englishification in the image description

Btw this is a thing I forgot to say. I have no issue with words like Latinx when used in English because they sound alright and make sense within the phonetics of the English languages, I am talking specifically about the degendering of the Spanish language exclusively within Spanish. Different languages will work differently.

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i remain astounded at how this platform had like a six week period of experimenting with unconditional positivity and has basically since turned into a ludicrous backyard wrestling league of social networks.

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Racism in Latin America a lot of the time is like a sort of caste system where most of the population generally would not "pass" so to speak as white in Europe or specifically America but still identify themselves as inherently "whiter" (ergo "superior") than others. So you get a sort of pyramid of internalized and sometimes just open racism where those "higher" on the pyramid of whiteness abuse and exploit those "under".

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i would also like to point out that policing "proper" Spanish language use is something white mexicans do to put down Oaxacans and other indigenous groups in Mexico. Mexicans also criticize or make fun of indigenous language use as being "backwards".

You think 2020 can't get worse until you get a notification in your phone "An emission is approaching, seek cover immediately"

Por favor, no le pidan a otras personas que les traten como "usted" nunca. Les hace sonar condescendientes.

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