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I generally dont reply to people's replies to my toots, not because I'm a dick or anything, but because I'm way too awkward to say anything back to you.


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So I guess I should make an huh.

Well I'm Antillion, I'm 20 years old from Argentina. I'm a raging leftist, shitposter and overall a human being. I enjoy technology and I constantly try and fail to be a programmer but it's cool I guess. I recently moved from after getting an invite and I'm looking forwards to posting here and having a bit of fun maybe perhaps.

So yeah I hope I can maybe make y'all laugh a bit and much love.

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Ok but why does Gay porn from the 80s have actually good plots. I have been watching Catalina Video films minus the adult sections and I'm actually glued to the screen lmao

Like, hey pal have you considered your generation might be the reason we aren't getting any jobs now

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When older people trash talk my generation next to me irl I just stand around like 👀 i heard you're talking shit

I have been playing so much Minecraft my eyes are fried

I have a collection of cats with photoshopped crying faces stickers on my whatsapp.

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My Myasstodon account will still be my main for the time being tho, not planning to fully migrate anywhere, haven't got any reason to lol.

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I am testing out Missus Keys' Federated Microblogging Social Media on an alt. If anyone wants to follow I'm at

Hahaha fuck YOU, you fashy misogynist pieces of shit WE WON!

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Argentina just legalized abortions 🎉 🎉

My girlfriend has this side gig where she sells clothes right, and I help her our with design and handling social media and stuff. And we got what has to be the snobbish fucking person we've ever seen to the point it's just hilarious and we aren't even sure if it's a troll or not because people can atually be like this.

You don't know true horror until you visit gm_construct's dark tunnels as a kid in gmod

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(faint 'ayy lmao' emanating from proxima centauri)

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